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Baddha Konasana- Benefits, Steps and Precautions

Do you sit for long time to complete your work? Do you feel pain in your spine or thighs? Here is a solution for all your worries related to body stress. Baddha Konasana or Bound angle pose is a pose that will help you to open deepest part of the hip muscles. It relieves you from body stress that come up due to workload and is good for those who seat for long time in same position. It strengthens your core and helps to lengthen your spine. 11 BENEFITS OF BADDHA KONASANA : It opens up the hips and stretch the inner thigh muscles It strengthens the abdominal muscles, the back and improves posture It involves spine stretch which activates muscles of the back It stretches your groins, knees and inner thighs It gives you great relief from the symptoms of menstruation and menopause It relieves you from abdominal cramps It improves the blood circulation by stimulating heart A pose that relaxes your mind and helps to reduce stress, mild depression and anxiety It reduces fatigue and gives you

16 Science - based benefits of drinking water from copper vessel

Copper is an element that is needed in every person in trace amounts. Hence, storing water in a copper vessel or a bottle is in trend. In addition, it is broadly upheld by Ayurveda, an Indian arrangement of comprehensive medication with old beginnings.

Still, you may think if this really benefits the health or is another vogue.

It has been in use since long time for many purposes. In the past, the stone age man replaced the use of stones as weapons with copper. The copper was in use as currency to merchandise by ancient Indians, Greece, Rome and Somalia. It was also used for various household items.

According to Ayurveda, copper vessel should be used for drinking water. Copper has anti-bacterial properties hence, it is beneficial to use for drinking purpose. Since long ago, copper has been used .Throughout the long term copper has been utilized in different structures to treat different diseases including cuts, varicose veins and headaches. The ascent of ayurvedic use and native drugs has seen an ascent in the utilization of copper items in family things, particularly copper vessels and cups. We present to you the main metal that has ventured all through history, without losing its believability.

At the point when water is put away in a copper vessel or container, for eight hours or more, copper delivers a portion of its particles in the water, through a cycle called the Oligodynamic effect. Copper is known to have antimicrobial, anticarcinogenic, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It aids in the development of hemoglobin as well as cell recovery and sadly, the human body can't make the copper in trace amounts to work healthily. Thus, copper must be a part of our intake either through food or water.

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Here, we present 16 astonishing medical advantages of a copper vessel and jugs:

1) Reduce the risk of cancer: Free radicals is one the significant reason that might cause this disease. Also, as copper decreases free radicals, it naturally lessen the gamble of causing malignant growth.

2) Copper reduces free radicals and thus, act as a strong antioxidant. It protects the body from it's harmful effect.

3) Copper furthermore helps in the formation of Melanin which gives tone to one's skin and eyes. Accordingly, shields one from the harmful UV light emissions of the Sun

4) Balances Hypertension: As indicated by the American Cancer Society, Copper is known to decrease cholesterol and fatty substance levels. If a child is copper deficient then, he will suffer from hypotension and if the copper deficient is an adult then, he will suffer from hypertension. Thus, presence of trace amounts of copper is necessary to be there in everyone's body to maintain the blood pressure. 

5) Balances thyroid hormones : According to the experts, copper is known to balance the irregularities of the thyroid gland and thus, maintains the thyroid hormones. Lack of copper leads to the improper function of thyroid gland and it's excessive amount results in hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism among patients.

6) Prevents anaemia : Copper aids the breakdown of food to make hemoglobin, it helps the body in retaining iron, the lack of which causes anaemia. Copper lack in the human body can prompt uncommon hematological issues which likewise brings about less number of white blood cells.

7) Best for Arthritis: Copper is best to cure Rheumatoid arthritis because of it's anti-inflammatory properties. It gives relief to such patients to some extent.

8) Reduce the risk of causing Infection: Copper can prevent a person from bacterial infection or from water borne disease. It has antibiotic properties and thus, effective against Cholera Bacillus, S. Aureus and E. Coli.

9) Helps in Digestion: Copper has ability to kill off germs and detoxifies the stomach. It also has ability to cause peristalsis (rhythmic expansion and contraction of the stomach lining) and thus aid in proper digestion. It also helps in curing stomach related disorders like ulcers.

10) Helps Cardiovascular System: Copper helps clean plaque as well as enlarge the veins to build the blood stream to the heart. Studies have shown that copper deficiency can cause dysfunction of heart muscles and thus, insufficient pumping of blood. This cause inability to respond correctly to the pressure.

11) Controls Ageing: Several skin care products are copper based because copper negates the effect of free radicals and fights off wrinkles that accompany age

12) Increases Brain Efficiency: Copper helps in carrying out the impulses of brain and thus, making it to work much more efficiently.

13) Weight reduction: Copper assumes an instrumental part in dissolving the overabundance fat stores in the human body and decreases weight. Copper keeps the body in a fat-consuming circumstance in any event, when the individual is resting, in any case, this doesn't imply that an excess of copper will consume more fat; a lot of copper could wind up harming the human body

14) Helps in Mending Wounds Quicker: Copper displays mitigating, antibacterial and antiviral properties. What's more, copper likewise helps skin recovery and reinforces the resistant framework, helping the body in mending wounds quicker.

15) Keeps the Temperature of the Body on the Cooler Side: When the food we eat passes into our stomach, it becomes acidic, delivering poisons in the body and accordingly making the body heat up. At the point when you hydrate from a copper bottle, water upon capacity for several hours becomes imbued with soluble base. This soluble water assists with adjusting the acids, detoxify the framework and lower the temperature of the body. This is particularly useful during the late spring months when the body will in general intensity up because of the predominant climate.

16) Gives Alleviation from Throat Clog: Individuals in old times used to swish each day with water put away in a copper container or vessel. This is on the grounds that copper contains antimicrobial properties and it was accepted that when you drink copper imbued water it can help with clearing the throat.

But, you should remember that copper should be consumed and present in body in trace amounts. Higher level of copper in the body will create another health issues and that's why it is recommended to pause drinking water from copper vessel for a month after drinking for three months continuously. This way excessive amount of copper will be flushed from the body.


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