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Baddha Konasana- Benefits, Steps and Precautions

Do you sit for long time to complete your work? Do you feel pain in your spine or thighs? Here is a solution for all your worries related to body stress. Baddha Konasana or Bound angle pose is a pose that will help you to open deepest part of the hip muscles. It relieves you from body stress that come up due to workload and is good for those who seat for long time in same position. It strengthens your core and helps to lengthen your spine. 11 BENEFITS OF BADDHA KONASANA : It opens up the hips and stretch the inner thigh muscles It strengthens the abdominal muscles, the back and improves posture It involves spine stretch which activates muscles of the back It stretches your groins, knees and inner thighs It gives you great relief from the symptoms of menstruation and menopause It relieves you from abdominal cramps It improves the blood circulation by stimulating heart A pose that relaxes your mind and helps to reduce stress, mild depression and anxiety It reduces fatigue and gives you

Ajwain - Health Benefits ,Precautions ,Side Effects And FAQs

Ajwain or carom seeds is a spice that is seen in almost all Indian cuisines. Ajwain, which is also called as Trachyspermum ammi. It has many health benefits like: 

  • Moment Relief From Indigestion
  • Treats common cold
  • Ease ear and tooth ache
  • Prevents Disease
  • For anti inflammatory action
  • Cleans wounds
  • Stops Graying of hair and many more.

But, it's very necessary to be conscious while consuming it. So, here are some precautionary measures that needs to keep in mind while ingesting. 

Precautionary measures WHEN USING CAROM SEEDS

Exhortation from Experts

1. Bleeding

Ajwain may build the danger of draining during and after medical procedure. So it is prudent to quit taking ajwain no less than about fourteen days before the booked a medical procedure

2. Breastfeeding

Because of the absence of logical proof, therapeutic utilisation of Ajwain or above the suggested measurement ought to be stayed away during breastfeeding

3. Blood Clotting

Ajwain has capacity of blood thinning and may slow blood thickening. In this way, it is prudent to stay away from Ajwain or its enhancements alongside drugs that cause slow blood thickening (clotting) .This is because that it may expand the shot at dying.

4. Patients with liver illness

Ajwain ought to be utilized mindfully in patients with liver illness as it can demolish the condition.

5. Pregnancy

Ajwain beyond the recommended intake is considered unsafe as it may result in miscarriage by causing uterine contractions. Subsequently, it is prudent to use recommended intake or take it only after consulting your primary care physician.

6. Sensitivity

Apply ajwain to a little region first to test for conceivable unfavorably susceptible response. Individuals who are susceptible to ajwain or its constituents should utilize ajwain under Ayurvedic specialist's management as they might foster runny nose, rash or hives.

Top 8 Anti inflammatory drinks- Step By Step Procedure


1. Ajwain or leaves glue ought to be utilized with nectar or any coolant substance if your skin is extremely sensitive.
2. Because of its hot power, Ajwain Seeds oil or glue ought to be utilized with coconut oil on scalp.

Side effects :
1. Vomiting
2. Nausea like feeling
3. Mild Headache

As often as possible ASKED QUESTIONS

Q. Where can Ajwain be found in everyday life?

Ajwain is a helpful zest utilized in numerous food arrangements. Ajwain oil is utilized in the readiness of moisturizers and salves in the corrective enterprises.

Q. How to store Ajwain?

Store Ajwain in a glass or plastic container with a well-fitting top. Store the container in a cool and dry spot.

Q. How to get ready Ajwain water?

Ajwain water can be effectively ready from Ajwain seeds at home.

1. Take 1 teaspoon of Ajwain seeds.

2. Mix it to a glass of warm water.

3. Allow it to stand for the time being.

4. Drink this water at whatever point needed for its intense antispasmodic activity.

5. Ajwain water is utilized as a customary solution for stomach yearn because of heartburn and flatulence.

Q. Could carom seeds help in gastrointestinal contaminations?

Carom seeds may bring down the danger of digestive contaminations because of its anthelmintic property. It meddles with the digestion of parasites and restrain their action. It likewise helps in constriction of the smooth muscles of the gut, accordingly removing the parasites from the body.

Ajwain may lessen the danger of digestive contamination and worm pervasion because of its Krimighna property.

Q. Does carom seeds help in hypertension?

Ajwain may assist control with high blood pressure because of its antihypertensive action. It goes about as a vasodilator and manages circulatory strain by loosening up limited veins.

Q. Does Ajwain help in hyperlipidemia?

Ajwain has antihyperlipidemic property and brings down the degree of absolute cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol and fatty substances. Ajwain additionally has cell reinforcement property which forestalls lipid peroxidation and assists with battling against the harm brought about by the free revolutionaries.

Ajwain may work on the digestion and advance better liver capacity because of its Deepan (hors d'oeuvre) and Pachan (stomach related) property. By further developing digestion it likewise helps control elevated cholesterol level in the body.

Q. What are the advantages for drinking Ajwain water?

Ajwain water has numerous medical advantages as carom seeds are loaded with specific constituents that eliminate poisons and advances absorption just as calm gas and corrosiveness. Ajwain water may likewise help in other gastric issues like looseness of the bowels, stomach hurt, muscle spasms or stomach diseases. Besides, Ajwain water mitigates the throat and ears in hack or cold, gives alleviation from joint inflammation torment, oversees circulatory strain and help to oversee entanglements identified with heart, liver and kidney.

Ajwain water assists with working on the stomach related framework by further developing the Pachak Agni (stomach related fire), because of it's Deepan (canapé) and Pachan (absorption) properties. It likewise functions as a decent pain killer because of its Vata adjusting property.

Q. Does carom seeds help in weight reduction?

Indeed, Ajwain has cell reinforcement and calming properties that may help in weight reduction. It further develops absorption by eliminating poisons from the body, fix stomach issues like clogging, gas, sharpness and so on .This load of variables add to upgraded body digestion which is fundamental for weight reduction.

Weight gain or heftiness is a condition that outcomes because of the collection of excess fat . Ajwain helps in lessening weight because of its Deepana (starter) and Pachan (absorption) properties that decrease fat prompting a further developed digestion.

Q. Is Ajwain useful in lessening grey hair?

Indeed, Ajwain may be useful in lessening grey hair as it comprises of mineral components like iron, calcium that assumes a significant part in decrease of silver hair.

Q. Is Ajwain useful in irregular periods?

Enough logical proof isn't accessible for the utilization of Ajwain in irregular periods.

Menstrual issues happens because of the disturbance of Vata dosha. Ajwain when utilized with old jaggery and water, assists with overseeing issues identified with menstrual cycle because of its Vata adjusting property.

Q. Is Ajwain useful for your dental wellbeing?

Thymol present in Ajwain oil has antimicrobial action and can be utilized to bring down the danger of oral illnesses and disease brought about by microscopic organisms. Ajwain likewise contains a clever compound which shows antibiolim movement and restrains bacterial development.

Ajwain assists with diminishing dental issue due its Ropan (recuperating) nature. It additionally controls bacterial development in view of its Krimighna property.

Q. What are the adverse reactions of Ajwain ?

Individuals are encouraged to go through fix testing prior to utilizing Ajwain as individuals adversely affected by Ajwain can get runny nose, rash or hives. Abundance utilization of Ajwain can make the skin more sensitive to sun which further expands the danger of skin malignancy.

Q. How to utilize Ajwain remotely to get alleviation from stomach torment?

As indicated by Ayurveda, Ajwain oil when applied to the stomach and rubbed for quite a while, can give help from stomach torment.

Q. What is Ajwain oil useful for?

  • Ajwain fundamental oil comprise of half of thymol which is a solid antiseptic (kill microbes and microorganism)
  • It is utilized as sanitizer
  • It has antispasmodic (mitigates muscle fit or withdrawals) action.
  • It is compelling against parasitic contaminations.
  • Thymol is additionally utilized in aromas and toothpaste.
  • Ajwain oil assists with alleviating solid agony or issues because of its Vata adjusting property.
  • Ajwain likewise has Kapha adjusting property that aids in the administration of specific skin issues like tingling which happen because of the imbalance of Kapha dosha.

A dish including Ajwain ---

Let's have a look to an unsurpassed most loved encouraging food - rasam which can be eaten with anything, an administrator dish to appreciate with seared papads while its cold and frigid outside. Rasam is very easy to cook and requires limited ingredients that is mostly available in everyone's house. And, this dish is also made with such ingredients.

Required Ingredients --
Ajwain Seeds Rasam Powder:

  1. 1tbsp Coriander seeds
  2. 1/2tsp Black peppercorns
  3. 1/2tsp Cumin seeds
  4. 1tsp Toor dhal
  5. 2tsp Ajwain seeds
  6. 3 Dry Red chillies
  7. 1sprigs Curryleaves
  8. 1/4tsp Turmeric powder
Dry meal individually everything without oil in stew aside from the turmeric powder. Let them cool and crush as touch coarse powder with turmeric powder. Conserve them in a container..

For Rasam:

  1. 1 Tomato(big and succulent)
  2. 1tsp Ajwain seeds rasam powder
  3. 1/2cup Cooked dal water
  4. 1 Crushed garlic
  5. 1tsp Lemon juice
  6. 3 Curry leaves
  7. 1/2tsp Mustard seeds+cumin seeds
  8. 1/4tsp Asafoetida powder
  9. 2 Dry red chillies
  10. 2tbsp Chopped coriander leaves
  11. Salt
  12. Oil
Procedure For preparations :

  • Cut the tomatoes as little chomps and add to the cooked dal water alongside ajwain seeds rasam powder, salt, crushed garlic, curry leaves and enough water.
  • Put a tsp of oil in pan.
  • Add the mustard seeds, cumin seeds, asafoetida powder and red chillies
  • Fry until brown.
  • Add the dal water quickly
  • Let them boil
  • Put off the oven once they begins bubbling.
  • At last, add the lemon juice and slashed coriander leaves.
Enjoy dish with rice or with any side dish.

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