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Baddha Konasana- Benefits, Steps and Precautions

Do you sit for long time to complete your work? Do you feel pain in your spine or thighs? Here is a solution for all your worries related to body stress. Baddha Konasana or Bound angle pose is a pose that will help you to open deepest part of the hip muscles. It relieves you from body stress that come up due to workload and is good for those who seat for long time in same position. It strengthens your core and helps to lengthen your spine. 11 BENEFITS OF BADDHA KONASANA : It opens up the hips and stretch the inner thigh muscles It strengthens the abdominal muscles, the back and improves posture It involves spine stretch which activates muscles of the back It stretches your groins, knees and inner thighs It gives you great relief from the symptoms of menstruation and menopause It relieves you from abdominal cramps It improves the blood circulation by stimulating heart A pose that relaxes your mind and helps to reduce stress, mild depression and anxiety It reduces fatigue and gives you

Vasaka: Health Benefits, Contents, Usage, Dosage And Side Effects

Vasaka is a strong ayurvedic plant that improves the respiratory framework. The plant has complex therapeutic properties and is an extreme medicinal measure for a great deal of wellbeing irregularities like breathing difficulty, hack, and chilly, nasal clog, sore throat, asthma, bronchitis, other upper respiratory plot diseases, draining issues, and so on .

Vasaka is otherwise called :- 

  • 'Malabar Nut' in English, 
  • 'Adhathodai' in Tamil, 
  • 'Vasa' in Telugu and 
  • 'Arusha' in Hindi. 

It passes by the plant name Adathoda vasica is a tall, evergreen, herbaceous bush that isn't simply local to the Indian subcontinent yet in addition appropriated all through Nepal, Srilanka, Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, and China. The plant highlights yellow hued bark, spear molded leaves, white and purple blossoms, and pubescent club-formed capsular natural products.

Impact On Doshas:

  1. Vasaka embodies 2 unmistakable preferences predominantly Tikta (for example unpleasant) and Kashaya (for example astringent) Rasa. 
  2. It has Laghu (for example light) and Rukhsha Guna (for example dry quality) and Shita Virya (for example cold strength). 
  3. It portrays Katu Vipaka (for example sharp taste after assimilation) and predominantly depicts reviving property. The host of bioactive parts in Vasaka assists with conciliating the Pitta (for example fire and air) and Kapha (for example earth and water) doshas and adequately eliminates the AMA doshas from the body.

Dietary Content Of Vasaka

Vasa is a renowned expectorant. It's some of the bioactive parts are : 

  • Vasicine, 
  • Luteolin, 
  • Carotene, 
  • Vasakin, 
  • other quinazoline alkaloids, and 
  • fundamental oils. 

The leaves are plentiful in phytochemical constituents like tannins, saponins, alkaloids, flavonoids, and phenolics. Pervaded with incredible properties like antitussive, a bronchodilator, against microbial, calming, hostile to uncontrollable, and so on, the plant is valuable for a large group of remedial signs like upper respiratory diseases, tuberculosis, heart issues, blockage, nose bleed, dengue, and so forth. 

Medical advantages of Vasaka

Cures Cough And Cold

Repetitive hacks and clogged throat can cause a great deal of uneasiness and forestall a quiet decent night's rest while causing you to feel drained and depleted. Being wealthy in calming, anti-microbial and expectorant properties, Vasaka holds high importance in treating the normal cold, hack and influenza side effects. It additionally lessens chest and nasal blockage disposes of overabundance sputum and stops nasal release. It is additionally exceptionally compelling in treating asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis and other respiratory diseases.

Home Remedies to Treat Cold and Cough

Set up a decoction of Vasaka leaves by bubbling it in water. Add a spoon of nectar and drink this blend every day to forestall respiratory contaminations.

Advances Gut Health

Vasaka is an incredible stomach related energizer. The carminative and craving energizer properties of the spice help in separating food particles in the stomach and digestive tract, advance the emission of the stomach related juices and in this manner increment the ingestion of fundamental supplements through the digestion tracts. It additionally assists with taking out stomach gas and thus lessens stomach distension, bulging and vaporous spasms. It offers an astonishing solution for a wide scope of gastrointestinal problems like esophagitis, dyspepsia, indigestion, the runs, tooting, peptic ulcer and gastroesophageal reflux sickness (GERS).

Cleans Blood

Being an intense heart tonic, the spice is very fundamental in purifying the blood. It viably further develops blood count, oversees pulse and consequently forestalls a large group of heart musicality problems. The presence of against coagulant and hostile to fibrinolytic properties additionally forestalls blockage and development of clumps in the conduits causing heart block.

Forestalls Infections

The bounty of antimicrobial, hostile to bacterial, and sterile properties, make Vasaka a definitive answer for avert the different diseases. The bio-dynamic parts in the Malabar nut tree bolster resistance and forestall bacterial invasion. It not just decreases the danger of different bacterial and parasitic contaminations like fever, tuberculosis, dengue, and so on yet additionally forestalls hypersensitive conditions on the skin.

Mends Ulcers

Vasaka leaves are celebrated for their enemy of ulcer properties. It assumes an essential part in lessening ulcers and wounds in different pieces of the body. It likewise helps in treating draining problems and offers a powerful solution for peptic and duodenal ulcers.

Soothes Pain And Inflammation

On account of the solid pain relieving, calming, and agony easing properties of the bio-dynamic parts, Vasaka offers broad help from torment and irritation if there should be an occurrence of joint inflammation and joint torment. Joint torment typically emerges because of a raised degree of uric corrosive in the blood. Powdered vasaka broadly decreases the uric corrosive levels and furthermore functions admirably to reduce the aggravation and delicacy that occurs because of gout. Being a characteristic vasodilator, it is likewise used to treat difficult muscle fits, sore muscles, ligament conditions, and other provocative circumstances.

Treats Uremia

Uremia is an ongoing condition that emerges because of a raised degree of urea and other nitrogenous waste mixtures in the blood that are ordinarily discharged by the kidneys. This condition primarily happens due to breaking down of the kidneys or renal disappointment. The crowd of bioactive constituents in vasaka helps in dispensing with the harmful materials from the body through pee and inspires the urinary capacities.

Expands Skin Health

The host of hostile to bacterial and cancer prevention agent properties of the fundamental alkaloids in vasaka assumes a pivotal part in treating skin contaminations like skin break out, moles, bubbles, dermatitis, rankles, tingling and so forth . Magnificence basics saturated with vasaka separate or malabar nut oil additionally further develops coloring before dinnertime out the complexion, clearing impeded pores, and furthermore decreasing different indications of maturing. Attributable to the germicide nature, the juice got from vasaka  additionally forestalls wounds and wounds and works with mending.

Acne Scars : The Nightmare

Measurements : 

  • Vasaka leaf powder: 1 - 3 gm
  • Vasaka blossom powder: 250 - 1000 mg
  • Vasaka root powder: 250 – 500 mg
  • Vasaka leaf juice: 5 - 10 ml
  • Leaf Decoction:  5 gms powder in a glass of warm water

Incidental effects

Despite the fact that there are no revealed counter-signs or antagonistic impacts of the astonishing ayurvedic spice, it is totally encouraged to counsel a specialist prior to taking it during pregnancy, lactation or on the other hand on the off chance that you have any constant sickness.


This astonishing reviving spice improved with supplements has umpteen medical advantages including treating cough and cold, asthma, overseeing hypertension, advancing processing, boosting resistance and giving help from sore throat and sinusitis. Devour this amazing ayurvedic spice during influenza season to safeguard your body from different irresistible illnesses.

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