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Ajwain - Health Benefits ,Precautions ,Side Effects And FAQs

Ajwain or carom seeds is a spice that is seen in almost all Indian cuisines. Ajwain, which is also called as Trachyspermum ammi. It has many health benefits like:  Moment Relief From Indigestion Treats common cold Ease ear and tooth ache Prevents Disease For anti inflammatory action Cleans wounds Stops Graying of hair and many more.  But, it's very necessary to be conscious while consuming it. So, here are some precautionary measures that needs to keep in mind while ingesting.  Precautionary measures WHEN USING CAROM SEEDS Exhortation from Experts 1. Bleeding Ajwain may build the danger of draining during and after medical procedure. So it is prudent to quit taking ajwain no less than about fourteen days before the booked a medical procedure 2. Breastfeeding Because of the absence of logical proof, therapeutic utilisation of Ajwain or above the suggested measurement ought to be stayed away during breastfeeding 3. Blood Clotting Ajwain has capacity of blood thinning and may sl

Best Tips To Reduce Body Weight


Hello friends,

After going through all previous topics, you may be aware of terms like nutritious food, exercise, wellness, meaning and importance of yoga, obesity, etc.

Now, you may be curious to know about obesity. 

This post will bring your attention to Do's and Don'ts to prevent obesity. 

So, if you are anxious about your weight and want to prevent your increasing obesity, then this post will be beneficial for you.

Let's discuss about Do's and Don'ts 

Do's and Don'ts for obesity

Do's - Things you should adapt

➡ Drink plenty of water

➡ Eat only when hungry

➡ Eat protein

➡ Exercise regularly

➡ Get enough sleep

➡ Create a diet plan

➡ Live stress free life

➡ Eat on time

➡ Measure yourself

Don'ts - Things you should avoid

➡ Don't starve

➡ Don't drink soda

➡ Don't eat processed food

➡ Avoid sleeping late at night

➡ Avoid oily food

➡ Don't drink alcohol

➡ Don't skip breakfast

➡ Don't become discouraged

Next question may arise in your mind -

How can we come to know that a person is obese?

So, there is calculation of BMI (Body Mass Index) which shows you if you are normal or obese

Body Mass Index

You can calculate BMI by formula :

Weight (kg) / height square (m) 2


➡ Underweight - less than 18.5

➡ Normal - 18.5 - 24.9

➡ Overweight - 25 - 29.9

➡ Obesity - 30 - 39.9

➡ Morbid obesity - more than 40

Now, you are aware of all required things that need to know.

Please feel free to ask me your doubts. I'll try to answer as soon as possible...

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